Begin My Closet Harvest

This was the day everything changed....

The day I shed my 2nd layer of skin...a layer of shame, disconnect, and barrier to self-love. I emerged and surrendered into my deeper knowing that ALL women are beautiful, all women are born beautiful, and all women are born knowing her worth but somewhere along the way that knowing is broken...stolen. 

I also tapped into the knowing that a woman's closet is a direct reflection of her inner world and a very private place indeed. It is a place where she stores past versions of herself, where she hides things, where she stuffs away things, and it is often the last place we clean up and the last place we address in our home (sounds familiar right?). However, I believe your closet is the most essential place to address in your home. 

I grew determined to stop the negative self talk that happens first thing in the morning in a women's closet and instead turn it into a place she can feel loved! 

Join me along with your new tribe of sisters as we journey together through your closet taking it from Chaos to Sanctuary.

And just imagine for a moment....your very own Closet Sanctuary. 

Join the Closet Harvest Revolution

Awaken Your Beauty Superpowers by Reclaiming Your Closet!

How is the state of your current closet? 
How is the state of your internal world? 
That is totally normal. 
Tap into this very real CONNECTION between the two. 
I've helped many women, just like you,
transform their closets from chaos to SANCTUARY!

By reclaiming your closet you can now start your day from a place of connection and wholeness. Imagine bringing though your gifts to the world from this place....

Beautiful Benefits

You will start the process of feeling at home in your body
Your self confidence will grow 
You will practice self-kindness instead of negative self-talk
Create TIME + SPACE in your AM routine
Get ready + out the door FASTER!
LOVE everything in your closet!
Invite in simple + meaningful AM rituals
Learn Sacred Adornment practices
Learn to Shop with Intention:    consume + spend LESS! 
Create your Closet Sanctuary! 

Preparing the Soil, Preparing the Soul

Our first Phase together will be the "Pre-Harvest". Here we will connect via phone (I can not wait to get to know you!) to chat about your goals, desires, and current state of your closet! 

We will make a customized plan for you to help you prepare for the 1st Phase of the Closet Harvest so that you feel connected and supported. 

It is time to reconnect with the little girl inside of you...the one who loves to dream, play, and who knows she is special! Reawakening to her will allow you to really activate self-kindness and then from that place of connection you will bring through your superpowers. 

I am ready to take my closet, my self-kindness, and my life to the next level!

Sacred Sisterhood

An unexpected treasure from our journey together are the bonds of support and sisterhood that are destined to be created. Studies show the amount of success DRAMATICALLY elevates when you are in community together while creating your desires! 

We will come together in heart-centered circle each week via video conference (ZOOM) to share our stories, to share our struggles, and to share our vision for our closets, ourselves, and the world. 

My gifts for you...

In addition to the 5 Phases which have videos, ZOOM support calls, and a private FB Group you will receive: 

  • Your personal TREASURE BOX ($200 value): including custom hand-made necklace, your INTENTION JOURNAL, and more!
  • TWO one-on-one coaching support phone calls with me (Crystal)
  • And 2 month & 6 month follow up support Phases to keep you on track 

Finally a course made just for you...

Now is the time to claim your closet fully! To stop ignoring this critical part of your home. To stop the morning negative self talk. To feel at home in your closet and your body. And to start your morning out with beauty, ritual, self-kindness, and inspiration. I am here to help you create your Closet Sanctuary.

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