1. Happy Day...tidbits about what my life has taught me so far


If I had to pick one theme word for my life this is it. Some would say I filter the world through my Rose Colored Lenses. It’s true. On January 17, 1979 I was born to two teenagers…a 15 year old and a 16 years old. Some would think that was a rough start, believe me there were some tough aspects about it…parents not together, they were pressured to give me up for adoption, a mother who was a wild child and often made me feel forgotten. But I filtered it through my Rose Colored Lenses. When my mom was gone my grandparents took amazing care of me! And I gravitated toward the nurturing love of my 15 year old dad (who was just a boy really). He would pick me up for the weekend and would get down on the floor playing with me for hours. He would look me in the eyes and really connect. He would tuck me into bed by telling me wild bright stories of rainbows and “little people” as I drifted off to sleep gently.


I moved around A LOT as a kid....

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