It all started when I realized I had become the mother I had always wished to have in my life as a child. This realization humbled me to my core and help me define what I wanted to do with my rest of my life.

I realized my chosen paths have been right for me, and it was time to move forward—in the name of the many people who had helped me get here.

I had excelled in corporate America, and with A LOT of encouragement and strength, took the jump in another direction. Now I watch as delicate, yet profound, changes can help make other women blossom and to take hold of the gem within themselves too. 

This all starts with a dedicated love of learning and an open heart. I delight in sharing what I have learned and the skills to which I can truly apply the word expert.

Through my interest and insights in the entrepreneurial world, I hope to meet you on our respective journey through life—to share a moment in time that through rediscovering your beauty can lead to finding your passion, achieving your goals and desires, sustaining financial security, and finding personal fulfillment.


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